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Chris Gaunt is an American actor, producer, director and writer who has performed in films, commercials, and music videos. He is best known for his work in Follow Her, Paint, Laurina, If I Could Tell You, Against the Ropes and, A Lasting First Impression.

Behind the camera, Gaunt has produced, directed and written several films and other projects.

A big believer in giving back to the community, Chris is an active board member as well as a volunteer in several non-profit organizations. Chris serves as a board member and volunteer for Woofs for Warriors, Inc., an organization that finds dogs in need of a home and pairs them with veterans who have served our country. The dogs can be trained to become service dogs or just be companion animals for veterans suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injury. He is an active volunteer for North Country Wildcare, a non-profit that rehabs injured wild animals with the goal of being able to release the animals back into the wild. Chris also volunteers at Amanda's House which is a home that family members and the sick can stay at for no charge while getting medical attention at the hospital.

An avid athlete, Chris regularly breaks 80 in golf and has taught tennis for many years.

When not acting, producing, directing and writing, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.


Rep Info:

Albany Talent Agency
James Pentaudi
(518) 334-2918

Contact Info:

(518) 321-3262


Paint  Principal Silver Lining Entertainment
Follow Her  Principal Dolger Films
The Fledgling Supporting Sticky Boat Productions
LifeQuest Supporting Westfield Films
The Monkey Supporting Westfield Films
Americana Supporting Tara Rule Productions
CATCH Lead Black Mountain Visuals
A Convergence Supporting Dan Van Treska Productions
Put the Stone Down Supporting Bill Thibeault
Riding with Pride Supporting New Light Media Productions
Laurina Principal Dolger Films
A Lasting First Impression Supporting Chazy Lake Productions
Hi. Supporting Fox  Adrift Productions
If I Could Tell You  Supporting Katie Johnson Prod
Against the Ropes  Supporting New Light Media Films
Daydreams of a Drowning Girl  Lead Logan Rando Prod
The Fire Nebula  Supporting New Light Media Films
Catching Up  Supporting New Light Media Films
La Transazione  Principal Logan Rando Prod
The Necromancer  Supporting Logan Rando Prod
The Waiting Room  Supporting JAM Productions
Secrets  Supporting Jacob Boos Productions
Anger That Warms The Heart  Supporting Matthew Duignan Prod
Tickets  Supporting Sydney Villard Prod
Hidden  Supporting Kayle Waterhouse Prod
Pancake  Lead Brinkley Smithers Prod


Smartasset Financial  Lead Redshift Films
Tsingtao Beer  Supporting China Entertainment Co.
Mattress Support  Lead Tristar Productions


Turnover - Still in Motion  Lead Vizionary Productions


Theatre Institute at Sage College and The Blue Horse Repertory Acting School – Extensive, intensive acting and scene work Lora Lee Ecobelli


Blue Horse Repertory On-going:Scene Work & Privates Lora Lee Ecobelli
On Camera Work New Light Media Films Shane Alden
On Camera Scenes Logan Rando Productions Logan Rando
TV, TV1, Auditioning Albany Talent James Pentaudi


Executive Producing, Producing & Directing
Sports: football. basketball, baseball, tennis & golf
Volunteer Work: Woofs for Warriors, Inc,, North Country Wildcare, Open Door Mission, Amanda's House
Character: Easy to work with, take direction well, strong work ethic, team player